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"Because nobody should have a sheety resume."

This terrible quote above is by Colin McIntosh ( I’m Founder and CEO of the now world-famous bedding brand Sheets & Giggles, and author of the most popular Reddit resume advice of all time.

Why is a bedding CEO so knowledgeable about job hunting? Well, before I moved mattresses and slung sheets, I was a recruiter for some of the largest banks, most well-known startups, and most evil hedge funds in the world (don’t quote me on that last one, please).

Anyway, after writing this blog post on the Sheets & Giggles website and turning it into this post on Reddit in 2018 on a whim, my free-to-use resume format has been downloaded millions of times, and I’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people find jobs (that I know of). All for free!

Through comments, chats, and PMs, I’ve answered thousands of questions 1:1 about resumes and job hunting. To this day – 5 years later! – I get dozens of messages every day asking for personalized resume advice, and while I always try to answer as many questions as I can on the fly, far too many requests for help go unread and unanswered due to my own time constraints.

There is literally no better feeling than helping someone find a new job – it creates income for families, moves people forward with their career goals, launches someone on a new path… and can even give someone’s children better access to healthcare (our employer-provided healthcare system sucks so hard, man).

For years, I resisted making a professional resume review service, in favor of focusing on Sheets & Giggles. Now 5 years later, S&G is in a much more stable place, and I’m able to have a few more hours here and there for other interests. So, after many years of being asked, I’ve set up a way to help further!

Via this website, I have partnered with my former recruiting colleague and mentor (who taught me everything I know) to assist those in need of a good, fast, cheap 1:1 resume review. Far too many services out there are predatory–sometimes charging job seekers thousands of dollars during an extremely vulnerable time in their life– so we’ll do everything you need for as little money as we can reasonably charge for our time.

How can you trust us to do a good and thorough job? Well, for one, if you feel like we didn’t give you your money’s worth, you have the incredibly unique recourse of leaving a highly-public comment on my high-traffic Reddit post that hundreds of people read every day… probably risky to mention that.

Second, we only ask for a $50 deposit upfront (so we don’t get totally stiffed), and ask you to pay the remainder only when you’re satisfied with a job well done.

Third, we’re clearly not the most pushy salesmen out there in this space… we haven’t even tried to sell you anything yet.

Things We're Selling:

If you're interested, email your resume (Google or Word doc) to with a few sentences about your situation and job hunt, any particular items you are struggling with resume-wise, and how quickly you're looking to send your new resume out and you’ll hear back shortly. Also totally cool if you don't know what you need; we're happy to review and let you know where we think you are.

In case Reddit ever shuts down or my post goes kaput, I also wanted to create this site to serve as a permanent respository of resume guidance and answers to frequently asked questions that we've shared over the years. So feel free to peruse our best resume advice and job hunting FAQs , and of course use my always-free, ready-to-go resume template.

Happy job hunting! I know it can be a pain, but be sure to at least use this time to sleep in, work out, hit a lawyer, and divorce a gym.

- Colin McIntosh, Sheets & Giggles CEO and head hunter turned bedding mogul

Some People We’ve Helped Find Jobs Recently

Stacy Yamazaki
Senior Product Manager, Redfin

"I cannot recommend enough! My original resume lacked personality and failed to highlight my strengths as a Product Manager, but with Nate's guidance, I was able to transform it into a powerful marketing tool that helped me stand out from the competition. His strategic revisions and thoughtful feedback led to significantly more interviews and ultimately a job offer at my current position that exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a new job!"

David Kotevski
Analyst, Source North America Corporation

"The Sheets Resume team led me through a crucial time in my career. They combined compassion with industry knowledge to guide and give me the confidence I needed to transition in my career path. We worked together to craft an attention grabbing resume that highlighted my skills as a professional but also conveyed who I was personally. Their efforts were a key part of my finding a new job I can say I love. I cannot recommend the Sheets guys enough to do them justice!"

Kelsey Skura
National Account Manager, The Hain Celestial Group

"I've looked to Nate for resume guidance for nearly 10 years! He crafted my first resume post college, highlighting my interests and unique skill set to drive a point of difference among other entry level candidates. As I progressed into a sales career, Nate ensured my accomplishments were documented in a concise and favorable way. 10/10 recommend his services!"

Chrissy Morgan
Recruiter, Via Resource

"When I left a job mental health and moved to Los Angeles I didn't have a clear path forward. A friend recommended the Sheets team and I honestly could not have expected the results that unfolded. Nate listened to my experience and goals and recommended that I pursue recruitment, a field I had never considered. He quickly helped me build a resume that so succinctly conveyed my transferable skills that I actually got the first job I applied to. Working as a recruiter has not only fulfilled my passion for helping people, but also financially rewarding enough to launch my own coaching and yoga practice. I just landed my third recruiting job building upon the resume Nate created. If you're thinking about working with Nate, don't wait. He's more than helpful."

Stasi Vladimirov
Senior Software Engineer

"Hey Colin just wanted to say thanks again for your work on my resume! For experiment purposes, I submitted it to 100 various job opportunities I found on LinkedIn about 2 weeks ago. I received 21 requests for interview so far, which is amazing and much higher then what I expected."


"I followed the template a couple months ago and casually started applying to jobs on LinkedIn without expecting anything. Right away, my resume started getting downloaded pretty often which never happened to me previously. In fact, a lot of recruiters started contacting me back. Long story short, this worked for me."


"This is the best guidance I have found, I used your template and had a job so dang fast. Thank you!!!"


"Dear OP, thank you soo much, just landed my next role with a 30% increment within 2 days of updating my old resume to your format and applying. May God bless you always."


"This is an incredible thing you've done, really. You've helped literally literally thousands of people. "Thank you" doesn't cut it. Not many people would take the time to do something like this. I hope it helps many more. Thank you for making life better for, again, thousands of people."


"I would just like to say thank you for your amazing template and tips. This has helped me immensely, so far I've landed two scholarships, and a job opportunity after my studies because of this. I cannot thank you enough!!!!"


"Thanks! I was skeptical but I got an interview for an internship right away using this format. "


"Switched to your template, and have gotten far more responses! Thank you! "


"I just used the format in the link provided. I did get an interview and offered a job! Within 24 hours!"


"You are a saint. I've been feeling very down lately about job hunting and didn't really know how to go about improving my resume. Thank you so much!"

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